Ni'Jah Gray
I love the salve. This is a product I highly recommend. I use it for my skin all over as well as a moisturizer for my face. The service at The Honeycomb FL is great as well. I am always able to be educated on the many products they have and i always feel welcome.
Maurice Grant
I love it and the owners kendra. is awesome and maurice is wonderful the store is beautiful love the products I'm a satisfied customers
Nikki R.
Great service as always. Good selection of products.
Danielle GABRIEL
I ordered the CBD Salve for my son’s skin. His skin is very sensitive and he always breaks out in itchy bumps on his legs and arms. I use the salve as a spot treatment and it really helps to alleviate the itchiness and also helps with scarring. Just a little bit goes a long way so it really lasts! The owner of the shop is really helpful and friendly. I will definitely be ordering again!
Tae Scott
One of the most beautifully designed and welcoming stores in the area. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. So far the products purchased have not disappointed in helping with anxiety. Highly recommend this establishment!
Amalia Rivera
Being a first time user of CBD, I have to say the experience was wonderful. I have been able to use the salve to relieve pain in my wrist and hands from working with them all day. But to top it off my daughter also uses the salve as a moisturizer for her face and it has been helping her control the dryness without becoming over oily. I would definitely recommend The Honey Comb FL.
Jordan James
Best CBD shop on the East Coast! Phenomenal Customer Service! Some of the Best Organic Products available. Anytime I may need Smoke Supplies, I know Honey Comb FL has the Best Prices. Don’t get me started on the Vegan Friendly options!
Kendra T.
Woohoo! As good as it gets! Woohoo! As good as it gets!